• Katie Turnbull

7 tips for your next photo experience...

#1 Not everyone has to be looking at the camera!

This is one of the most important points I try and elaborate on before every family arrives on the day. Not everyone has to be looking at the camera for every photograph!! Part of what makes my photography natural and special is that I rely on mostly natural posing. There will be some guiding. Although when you force people into poses it looks unnatural and they look uncomfortable. People are pretty good at posing themselves.

#2 Show me the love.

Don’t be embarrassed. Hug your kids, kiss them, lift them in the air, tickle them, fix their hair…. Lots of touching and interaction is what makes your photos special. It show’s the connection you all have and is natural and beautiful. Show me the love!

#3 Mind the Gap.

Stand close to each other. Fill the gaps. If you have 4 family members up close and touching and a gap between the 5th, they look like no one loves them ;)

#4 Directors seat.

Let me direct your kids. When I have parents standing behind me asking their kids to look at the camera, the kids get really stressed and we can’t capture the fleeting natural expressions that you love. I am very good at capturing their attention, mostly with whispering and asking them cute questions and funny ones too!

#5 Make it fun

Prepare your kids for a few weeks before the photo experience. Show them family photo’s you have and talk to them about the experience they are about to have. Photos on our gorgeous farm to keep forever. Sitting in the grass with Mum and Dad, running in the driveway under the trees, Playing on the back of truck, walking on the jetty in the lake etc.

#6 Bribe your kids

Or as I like to call it…incentivise.

Whatever works. Lots of Mums and Dads do it. If you sit nice and still and have some pretty pictures taken with Mum and Dad we will ………..! Talk about how important the photos are to you. Lots of parents have something special waiting in the car for them for the end.

#7 Two year olds

2 year olds are the most challenging group to photograph. Whatever goes in a 2 year old session. I have some distraction devices. As you would know they’re too little to bribe. Some start off very nervous and teary in the unfamiliar environment, with a strange lady behind a camera. Then, they start warming up and by the end we have captured lots of gorgeous photos. Some start happy and confident and quickly regress making it challenging to get photos. One of the good things about photographing outside is there is lots of distractions and we can move position.

Cheers Katie xx

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