My Story

  Hi,   Welcome to my page, I'm Katie Turnbull.


I am a farm girl and nature lover, constantly marvelling at the beauty of our wonderful country, beautiful light, sunsets, storms ......


I was so lucky to be raised in the country,

I did a stint in the city for my nursing

training which was fun at the time.

However I'm a country girl at heart. 

I grew up with horses, I was never out of

the saddle. We had motorbikes, sheep,

cows, chooks. And we are now lucky

enough to be raising our two boys on the

farm and showing them how it's done!

I was travelling and photographing families

when a friend said "what are you doing

travelling to photograph, you're crazy,

your property is beautiful". And that's how I

started photographing at home in



I offer unique family portraits on our working farm nestled in a picturesque valley in South Gippsland, only a quick trip from Melbourne. We stroll through various locations, enjoying the views (and hopefully the weather) taking relaxed and happy portraits of you and your family. Happy memories!! 


One of my greatest loves is to produce beautiful portraits of your children and family in Natural light in Natural settings.

I am very relaxed and extremely patient and will spend the time capturing both natural portraits and some posed.


Having a photoshoot here, with me, is an experience in itself!!


Kind Regards