Do you sell digital files???


We live in a digital age, and so I completely understand why you’re asking about this. My short answer is I gift you corresponding high resolution digital files of the photos you purchase in my top two packages. 


I have a lot of clients ask about digital files, and I find it interesting to ask “why” when it comes up. I’d encourage you to think about that for a moment, too, while you read through my thoughts, below.

I have found that most of the time, a client asks for digital files for one of a few of reasons:

  1. Everything today is digital.

  2. They want to be able to share their images online with friends and family.

  3. They want to be able to make more affordable copies of prints.


You hired me as your photographer to document a special moment in your life. You hired me to create an heirloom for you. If you wanted something more disposable, you could have easily taken photos with your phone. But, you decided that this particular story deserved to be told. You decided that these moments deserved to be documented differently. You connected with my style, my perspective through my lens and you wanted to have this time of your life documented by me.

I am so grateful for that.

For me, it is truly an honour to be invited into your life and create something so meaningful for you.


Finishing your heirlooms, whether they be wall art, printed photos or books is very much a part of my creative process. Your photographic experience doesn’t end with the creation of jpg file on my computer. I want to fulfil my promise to you and create beautiful finished pieces for you. I consider it a disservice to hand over digital files on a USB. Your photos matter to me. I am a full service photographer. 

If you only get the digital files, I know one of two things will happen.

You’ll either put a few on facebook or Insta then put the USB in a drawer and forget about it, which would be so sad. Think about it. All the work you put into your session. All the money you paid for your session. The impact you hoped these images would make. All that would be lost because you got too busy and forgot about the digital files in a drawer.

At least 75% of my clients over the last few years tell me they haven’t done anything with their photos. They’re still sitting on the USB. 

The second thing that might happen if you get digital files is that you’ll try and get prints done yourself. At least this way the images will make it too print, but it still isn’t ideal. Why? There are three reasons.


-  The first reason that printing your images yourself isn’t ideal is because the quality of your prints from a consumer lab will be very low. Consumer/retail store labs are great for cellphone snaps and amateur prints, but they are not conducive to making high-quality prints from professionally created and crafted imagery. They often apply an auto-correct and end up not coming out as intended. When I send your photos to my professional lab, I have calibrated your portraits on the highest quality monitor and carefully crafted them for the specific printer they’re being printed on. I purchased a calibrator for my screen and calibrate it once a month. I have a great relationship with my local professional printing lab, I understand their printer’s nuances, how it outputs colour, how it interprets various density levels, and so on. I cannot do that level of fine-tuning and perfecting for the myriad of consumer labs out there. My printers individually print each photo and make adjustments accordingly. They will keep printing it until they are happy it’s right. They also know me and my photography, and the look that I love to create.


-  The second reason that printing your images yourself isn’t ideal is because your prints may not last. Current day consumer labs or retail store labs are not using proper archival processes. Their products are not guaranteed to stand the test of time. That’s a real tragedy for you, wouldn’t you say? Think about it - I’m sure you have a print from your grandparents that you treasure, right? It’s what - 30? 40? 50 years old? And it still looks as good today as the day it was printed, am I right? Consumer labs will not give you prints with that kind of longevity. The professional lab where I make my prints guarantees them for over life. In fact, your prints are guaranteed for over 100 years if treated correctly. This is great for you because it means your grandchildren and your grandchildren’s grandchildren will be able to enjoy your family’s heirlooms. That’s what I want to be able to create for you.


-  The third reason that printing your images yourself isn’t ideal is because your prints may not be finished the way we envisioned, together. The most important reason that I offer you a full-service experience by finishing prints for you is because we can collaborate to make sure your finished pieces are exactly what you envisioned. Hanging your portraits on the wall is the conclusion to my creative process. I don’t consider you a satisfied client until your photos are displayed, proudly, on the walls of your home. I like to ensure your images are correctly printed, are presented appropriately and that you’re completely satisfied with where they are displayed in your home for years to come. The only way I can do this is to control that finished product for you. Plus - your prints are a reflection of me and my artistic vision. After all, that’s what you hired me for! 


Sure, some photographers will offer a shoot-and-burn; they’ll take your photos, put them to a USB stick and hand them over. This is a high-volume approach to photography, though. To me, it feels like that is not giving a professional service. That’s not what being a professional photographer means to me.

I am here to be your guide and hold your hand through the process. It’s not about churning through as many clients and sessions as possible. I believe in giving you the very best product and service from start to finish. The only way I can do that is to make sure I stay in control of the finished product.

All that being said, I understand that we live in a digital world. That’s why I offer a high resolution corresponding digital file with every photo you order in my top two packages. This way, you get the best of both worlds. You get a high quality finished product and a digital file to share online and print or keep for safety .


I hope this helps to explain my approach. I hope you can see why I operate a full-service studio. I hope you can see my passion in giving you the best possible experience (and finished product) possible.

I believe we’re the most photographed generation, yet we enjoy those photographs the least; just think about how many photos you have on your phone right now. I am guilty of it. I got very slack and I hadn’t printed photos of my kids and put them in albums like I used to for years. So I started recently putting together albums and printing them, one of the kids keeps his albums on his bedside table and he is 15.  It is an indication of what our photos and memories mean to us.


That’s why I do what I do; because some moments deserve to be bookmarked. Some images deserve to break free of the digital noise and find their way into our lives so we can enjoy them every day. Beautiful pieces of art to hang on the walls and look at every day. That’s why my clients hire me.

I’d love the images we create together to be enjoyed the way you intended in your home. And that’s why I’m excited to collaborate with you to create heirlooms, not just digital files.

Katie xx



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